If ideas and texts are taken over by other authors, without this being indicated by an indication of source, one speaks of a plagiarism. Plagiarism in scientific work existed before the invention of the Internet.

But as global networking grows, so does the risk of theft of intellectual property. When using the text copy function via the computer’s clipboard, you do not even have to copy electronic texts.

At the same time, without questioning the benefits of having so much information available on the World Wide Web, that comfort also risks leaving behind new, creative thoughts and deeper understanding of issues.

In a bachelor thesis or homework, particular care should be taken to ensure that there is a clear distinction between what has been incorporated into one’s own ideas and what has been taken over from other works, literally or in terms of content.

It goes without saying that a scientific work is largely based on the intellectual achievements of others. Knowing and reproducing the state of research is part of a good job. Based on this foundation of sources, you can answer open or new questions with your own ideas. A bachelor thesis or paper will describe well-known theories or known knowledge and thus contain many footnotes or bibliographical references.


A bachelor thesis contains a chapter on voting procedures in the Bundestag. The chapter contains three footnotes per page. In addition, the same sources are repeatedly mentioned, the whole chapter consists more or less of quotes.

This is very plausible, since the author will orient himself here to legal texts, procedural descriptions and statements of the Bundestag president. When describing facts, the author can bring in little ideas of his own and will use many quotes.

If it is an assessment of facts, the author can express his own opinion, if possible with a reasonable justification. A chapter that includes an evaluation and assessment of the procedures should provide space for your own ideas and contain fewer footnotes.

Once a quote has been forgotten

From my own experience as an examiner and through discussions with colleagues, I can help students with the following. If you forget a single quote in a bachelor thesis, you will be forgiven, that’s human. If you repeatedly use thoughts and ideas from other writers without pointing them out, and the examiner gets the impression that this is deliberately done, he can get angry.

In plagiarism testing, professors are often assisted by plagiarism check software. The recognition level for omitted quotes are quite high. Bachelor’s theses and master’s theses are also checked more closely than chores. For your own work, you can also have a plagiarism check carried out outside your own university to check the citation method. Description of plagiarism software.

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